New York New York

27 06 2007

First time at Ang Moh Kio Hub.
Another location I know of is City Link.

Food range from sandwich to burger to ribs to pizza

Fish & Chips
I like the fish, it’s got a special juicy taste that leaves you wondering what’s used.

Beefeater (Bread chosen: Italian bread)
As for beefeater, the Italian bread, forgot what’s the name, looks like waffle but taste just like burger. It’s soft not crispy and a baking flour fragrance. Adding in the beef and vegetables to taste even better. Can’t find the website.


Essential Brew

11 03 2007

essentialbrew website
269 Holland Ave (Holland Village)
Singapore 278990
Tel: +65 64676717

Honey Mustard Chicken – $14.95 (photo above)

Jasmine Caper Salmon – $15.95 (photo above)

Crispy Lemongrass Chicken – $13.95 (photo above)

Dory Crisp Pasta – $14.95 (photo above)

Garlic Prawn Pasta – $14.95 (photo above)

Al Funghi Pasta – $14.95 (photo above)

Only 2 shots on Drinks

Vera Breeze – $5.25 (photo above)

Ocean Mist – $4.95 (photo above)

Dine with Tamose on Jan’s bday. Nat and I had Jasmine Caper Salmon which is really nice but I don’t seem to taste any jasmine flavour. The salmon is the main highlight for this dish, the rice tastes weird, everybody are not used to the sauce spread on the rice. It’s this fish that wins my thumbs-up. The outer skin of the fish is so crispy and juicy yet not fattening, it’s like munching on potato chips. You will get addicted. Haha, exaggerating. But overall I can say that some main course are not bad, some are edible. Most of them are not for big-eaters, the pasta are dedicated to small-eaters (If I’m considered medium-eater, then you should know what’s the appetite of small-eaters). Gerald’s Crispy Lemongrass Chicken is really for BIG eaters, it’s filling! I had the kiwi drink and it’s o~k~. The darker green colored drink is quite bland, thankfully I didn’t order.

Oh and I hate the tiredness and cramps after sitting on the floor for hours.

Changing Appetites

10 12 2006

Asiaone Review on CA

Our order:
(Lao da): Stingray $19.90
(Lao er): Pork ribs $13.90
(me): Cheese the Chicken $13.90

2THICK (deco on the wall)

Black Pepper Stingray is nice but really flat and photo taken is really BLACK (Haha), would hope that it’s more meaty. It’s for big eatter! $19.90 range

Pork ribs is nice but the mashed potato (choose either that or fries) is too filling.

Cheese the Chicken has a special taste. Combine nachos and mango and cheese and of course the main thing chicken. I like the combi of nachos and mango, the cheese is not so likeable cos it’s one standard piece of Kraft cheese instead of those cheesy pizza. Oh it’s for small eatter!

GELARE @ Holland Village

27 08 2006

29 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
Tel: 67635843

Operations Hours:
Fri, Sat, & Eve PH: 12.00pm – 11.30p.m
Sun – Thu: 12.00pm – 10.30pm

(Other locations)

Our Cookies N Cream (nice!) and Jamaican Chocolate
Their Butter Pecan and Cookie Dough

Nat and I shared two ice cream ($5, if buy the next scoop later, more expensive), one waffle ($3) with chocolate sauce (also got charges, 80cents, argh!). Total $8.80

Breeks @ Ngee Ann City Level 5

22 07 2006

Din know I ‘take’ the menu right?

Maurice’s selection: chicken bibim bap $7

My selection: beef bibim bap $7.50

Nat’s selection: chicken cutlet bap $7.50

Our shared desserts: brownie $5.50 and some ice cream with milo and peanut butter which is rather strange mixture, oh and Nat’s hated whip cream. Haha

Total Bill: $38.??

Overall, the brownie is nice but I think cos of the ice cream, I ls. Oh no my sensitive stomach. Haha

Spagheddies @ Paragon

17 07 2006

My crayfish parmigiana~

Nat’s white wine clams vongole~

Lester’s award-winning chicken primavera??? (can’t remember)

Kuan Hong’s meatballs, haiz he changed his order in the last minute trying not to be the same.. hahahaha..

SQ’s carbonara

Take note the food is expensive, range from $13.50 to $26.50. To me, if it’s not a treat, I wouldn’t go. And I personally think the sauce isn’t special enough to remember the taste.

Andersen’s Ice Cream Pouring Puff

17 07 2006

Andersen’s Ice Cream
Pouring Puff