Yong Tau Foo @ AMK Hawker

6 03 2009

Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-23

Sorry for not providing any photo, I’ll try to take photo next time and take note of the stall name.

Snaking queues at this food stall would be a very prominent sight when you look around the entire hawker. What’s nice with this yong tau foo despite the at-least-10-minutes-wait?? Good food, of course! Considerably cheap could be the reason too. I bought mine, selected 8 items with my bee hoon soup (not laksa) at $4… (second visit during noon time price change a lot -__-) Who knows they might change their price. Anyway, something to compliment the yong tau foo is the soup base with lots of soybeans or soya beans and IKAN BILIS. Cool! And the best thing is other than common items we normally see, they have fried tempura and fried money bag (just in case you don’t know what I mean, I attached the photo to this post). The thoughtful stall owners specifically separate fried items on another bowl if you order any, afraid that they would not taste good in soupy noodles. Nice right? 😛

Money Bag


Curry Rice at Maxwell Road Food Centre

18 01 2008

Maxwell Road Food Centre
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar, Chinatown, Outram

Stall Location: #01-68

Pick what you like, what is available…dsc00097currymaxwell.jpg

maxwell curry rice

maxwell curry rice close-up

Mine was $2.50. Ordered their hot favorite pork chop and vege and rice. And of course most importantly the curry sauce!! I lost my appetite recently. But this “awaken” my appetite. Tasty!

Advice: For guys, I guess you need to order more because I felt like having the 2nd plate after finishing my food but it’s closed… argh!!

Closing time depends on how fast the food were sold out. Probably closed around 7pm.

Pasta Express

24 04 2007

Location : Blk 531A Upper Cross Street #02-42 (Hong Lim Market)

Opening Hours :

Monday (11am to 4pm) and

Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 8pm)

Pricing : Pasta 意大利面 ($3 – $6)

Owners: Chef Weldon Sim and Sean Sim (brothers)
Chef Weldon Sim’s working experience – 6 years with Hotel Boulevard, 5 years with Cafe Expresso (Marina Square) and 4 years with Philly’s Flavor (Millenia Walk).

they even provide delivery for $100 purchase or $150 catering service.. cool right? hehe

Song Kee pig intestines or turtle soup @ Bugis

19 01 2007

Haiz, sad news… 28 April… found out that the stall is no longer there..

Used to be in Bugis Hawker Centre (the one behind Bugis Village)
Soon Kee #01-98
Closed on public holiday

Click to enlarge, price is there.

Though the shop is selling pig’s intestines and turtle soup, I highly recommend the tau pok 豆肝 (not sure the spelling, hehe) cos it’s got that salty taste that will whet my appetite.

The auntie charge me two bowls of pigs’s stomach and tails 猪肚 & 猪尾, three bowls of rice, two plates of tau pok and one plate of pig’s intestines 猪肝 for $10, cheap right? The dessert stall (2 stalls away) quite long queue, you may check it out! Haha I was too full to try.

Me, Mum & Dad thumbs up on the great food and service!

KoKa Wanton Noodles 可口云吞面食

5 01 2007

(introduced by Jia Hui aka Lao er)

Location :
North Bride Road Market / Food Centre
(Near Lavander MRT / Immigration Checkpoint Authority )

Opening Hours :
From 7pm

Pricing :
Abit High. ($3,$4,$5)
Food – ****^
Popularity – ****^
Service – ***^
Who said nice :
Lao er, her mum, dad,
About food:
I believe everything is handmade, even noodles. The wanton soup is nice (not the wanton), the dumplings is nice.
Note :
Lao Er prefers to take wanton / dumpling noodles
without chili without ketchup.. The most traditional way or eating… and she recommends that.

Auntie has a not so good attitude.
She says that if you cant wait, just tell her to cancel the order. She says she is fine with it.
Preperation speed very slow.
Be prepared to wait for 30 mins and above. But i believe that it start to take orders before 7pm (alot ppl duno)

Chicken Rice (cheap and nice)

2 08 2006

Blk 511 Bishan Street 13

Recommended by my dad & Ch 8 排排坐,吃吃看

I want to try!!! The chicken meat looks tender lor. Then my dad say 50cents can buy one plate. Don’t know real or not but I see the queue on tv is quite long. Must be very popular.

Chicago Nasi Lemak

24 07 2006

Location :
North Bridge Rd Market #01-92 (think so)

Pricing : $2.50 (or $2???),
for 4 items (meat/veg) and a choice of Nasi Lemak / white rice.

Rating :
Food – ****
Popularity – ****
Service – ****

Who said nice :
Me, Lao er, our Dad, our Mum, her Bro, SPSE ppl – last time Lao er take away (order) for the Freshmen Orientation camp.

Note :
Die die must try the wing! And also, normally Lao er ask for less rice. The Nasi Lemak rice is good! But Lao er find it abit oily, but is worth the money!