Full House Cafe 满家乐

25 03 2009

Website: Full House (Man Jia Le)
Location: Central @ Clarke Quay Basement B1-30

Central @ Clarke Quay (Location: B1-30)

Another branch location found on website…
14 Scotts Road,
#01 – 16A/B Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213

Tel: (+65) 6665 0180
Fax: (+65) 6261 9939

I saw the advertisement on tv programme, 肥超人 recommendation. My first visit last week. Read from some websites, it’s better to patronize the main shop at Far East Plaza. Not sure about it because I never went there. Anyway I went there at 3.30pm and they really cook on the spot. I wonder how they are going to handle if there are more customers.

I ordered…
– Egg wrapped carrot cake (photos to be posted when I collect my new laptop), $3.50
– Superwings, $4.50
– Super Kung-fu iced milk tea, $1.90

There is another carrot cake called pan fried carrot cake… which sounds common to me, so I ordered egg wrapped carrot cake. My personal opinion is… it looks rather easy to “copy” and the taste is not special enough to melt me. The carrot cake contains lap cheong 腊肠 and together wrapped with pan fried egg and sprinkled with chicken floss, served on a (recyclable) paper plate. Oh yes, quite a small serving, it’s indeed a snack!

Superwings consist of 3 chicken wings roasted with honey and margarine (my taste bud tells me so, might be wrong)… tasty! hot (hold it with care)! need to wait for them to roast on the spot. I wish they provide lemon or lime to enhance the taste. Consider $1.50 for each chicken wing, it’s not cheap but a standard price I see nowadays.

The iced milk tea has a funny name 功夫奶茶 with cartoony Bruce Lee featured on the menu poster. It’s their most popular drink when I went there. Almost every customers ordered this. Hahaha. It’s different from sweetened ceylon tea with milk. Not sure how they balance the quantity of milk and sugar. I personally love it! Reminds me of bubble milk tea at Taiwan.

The decor of the shop is rather different from cafes in Hong Kong. This shop is towards modern and retro themed with orange and white colours, quite relaxing to the eyes. Anyway it’s better to patronize the shop not too early as they might not be ready with the food preparation.


Marvelous Cream (Ice Cream)

20 11 2008

@ City Link (near the exit to Suntec City)

winterextraberry winterextraberry

Check out the Japanese website and drool~~ Haha 😛

What’s nice? For ladies, I suggest, try the mixed berries known as Mix Berry Marriage… Feel pampered with the name already. How’s the taste? It’s a little sour, a little sweet, really taste like yoghurt!! Yum yum!! Price from $4.90 onwards. Add toppings more $. Their waffles is ex$ but looks tasty… ~.~

My Pie Kia Experience

6 04 2008

Pie Kia

I found from the newspaper about this Pie Kia Shop (the shop name, whereby “Pie Kia” means bad thugs in Teochew/Hokkien language) selling pies. My parents went there purposely to buy the pies. Haha I’m so fortunate!! Small pies in my opinion but taste good especially the curry chicken. Hmm.. the other flavors require more improvements to win my thumbs up. Haha. They purchased them at $1.20 to $1.30 each, I’m not too sure if the price has changed yet since this actually took place in mid of Feb. =P Paiseh! Sorry I was rushing my school assignments and had to apologize for the late post. Here’s the address: (the receipt indicated that it’s under Old Chang Kee) so I believe there’s some QC.

Choa Chu Kang MRT Station
10 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4 #01-22

Taiwan’s 啊婆铁蛋

26 09 2007

Bought in Taiwan

Fragrance! It reminds me of tea leaf egg but it tastes very much like “law” egg, I mean stewed egg with the size of about 2 – 2.5cm. Mini is cute! A bit tough to bite because it’s much tougher than normal boiled egg. This can be accompanied with soupy noodles or if you think it’s troublesome to cook noodles eat it like a snack.

Beware: May grow addiction.

Malay Snacks

28 01 2007

a temporary stall outside Lucky Chinatown (Chinatown, New Bridge Road, near Temple Street) for this Chinese New Year season. It’s located nearest to the Lucky Chinatown McDonald’s branch.

Besides fried prawn fritter 炸虾饼 and goreng pisang (fried banana)…I tried this… Chempedak, looks like a golden yellow round ball sized about 3.5cm, wrapping the sweet and fragrant flesh that covered a seed (my dad said it can be eaten but it’s hard). [Click for more info]

Due to the fact that they’re my dad’s treats, the price is based on my estimation.
4 Chempedak for $2
5 Goreng Pisang for $2
2 Prawn Fritters for $1

Advice: Eat a prawn fritter with a green chilli !
The auntie will provide one green chilli per prawn fritter. Eat together and it’s not at all spicy in my opinion.

Sorry photo quality is bad with my mobile phone cam and also not very presentable to bite off one mouthful to show what’s inside. =P

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice & Resturant

22 08 2006

Location :
275 Thomson Road
#01-05 Novena vile
(Opposite Novena Church)
Singapore 307645
Tel : 62556396
Fax : 62529858

Opening Hours :
10am – 2am
Website :
aromacookery review
makantime review

Pricing :
Good. ($3 or $3.50 for chicken mee)
Food – *****
Popularity – *****
Service – ****
Who said nice :
Lao er, her mum, dad
Note : Lao er ate chicken mee. Nice, but i think the mee abit too dry. But can just take the opaque soup

Summer House Donuts N Beverages

1 08 2006


175 Bencoolen Street, #01-05, Burlington Square, S189649
Tel: 62387655

Homemade donuts with toppings
13 selections (as on 30 July 2006)

90cents to $1.60 just donuts, $1.90 to $2.40 for sets (donut + beverage)

Lao er’s Chocolate Holick (above+below)

my Cream Cheese (above+below)