Azabu Sabo Restaurant @ Marina Square

19 06 2009

6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-170 Marina Square
Tel: 6338 1244

(next to Billy Bombers as of date 10 April, 2009)
Paiseh I thought I had posted this on food blog, I realized until today :p

1. Scallop Ramen
Nice!! Yummy scallop~

2. Vegetarian “Kway Chap”
It tastes like kway chap… haha

3. Cold Ramen
I ordered because there’s crab meat, haha. The taste is rather special… imagine sweet & sour wine + soy sauce. And yes, the noodle is cold.

DESSERTS!!!! Azabu Rocks~

4. Mocha Ice Cream
I love this mocha! For green tea lovers…

5. Strawberry Sundae
For strawberry lovers…

6. Chestnut Ice Cream
A light chestnut taste… I like it too!

We enjoyed the great food!! Yum yum yum!


Marvelous Cream (Ice Cream)

20 11 2008

@ City Link (near the exit to Suntec City)

winterextraberry winterextraberry

Check out the Japanese website and drool~~ Haha 😛

What’s nice? For ladies, I suggest, try the mixed berries known as Mix Berry Marriage… Feel pampered with the name already. How’s the taste? It’s a little sour, a little sweet, really taste like yoghurt!! Yum yum!! Price from $4.90 onwards. Add toppings more $. Their waffles is ex$ but looks tasty… ~.~

Koi Cafe Bubble Tea

20 11 2008
koicafe1 koicafe2

50岚 is a bubble tea shop from Taiwan, which has globalized and now opens in Singapore… The first branch I know of is at Marine Parade. There’s one at People’s Park Complex. I heard there’s another in Toa Payoh. There may be more branches but I’m not sure.

  • Marine Parade: Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-562 S44083
  • Toa Payoh: Blk 190 Toa Payoh Central #01-562 S319196
  • Chinatown: People’s Park Complex #01-16 S059108

It’s definitely better than the super sweet bubble tea I tried in Singapore. You know which bubble tea shop has the name containing “Sweet”. But the price is steep. $1.90 for a small/regular cup.

What’s special with Taiwan bubble tea? When I visited Taiwan last summer, I was quite surprised that they don’t have many flavours that we have invented in Sg. Examples of our invention: “Green Apple Green”, “Blue Coral”, “Honeydew”, “Chocolate”, “Coffee”…etc. Taiwan targets on their famous Milk Tea 奶茶 and Oolong (Wu Long tea 乌龙茶). And the main thing is you can ask for… Less/without sugar, Size (big & small) of pearls and even grass jelly (this would cost slightly higher).

Frankly speaking, I prefer buying in Taiwan because the price is way cheaper and somemore in a mega large cup at SGD$1.40 only. I miss feng jia night market, especially that particular bubble tea shop called Legend Tea Bar!! Well, a lame name. Hehe.

Venezia Ice-cream

6 08 2008

My first try at Bugis Junction Level 1… the building where the arcade is… near Mos Burger and Swensens… facing some push cart stalls… Paiseh I don’t know the exact unit number… Anyway I tried 2 flavours (Italian Coffee and Crunchy Nut). Crunchy Nut is not bad but still I fall in love with Italian Coffee ice-cream flavor because it’s fragrant and not too thick, it’s right to the taste… nice! Price from $3.30 for 1 flavor, $4.50 for 2 flavors, $5.70 for 3 flavors… In my opinion, it’s not as small as it seems. The staff is quite nice, she let me sample (self-request, hehe) a few flavors before I decide to make my purchase. I tried green tea but personally not used to the taste. Durian is not bad. Cookies n cream looks good but I didn’t try… a pity right, never mind I’ll try it some time later.. haha


27 07 2008

Location at Katong Shopping Centre. Basement Level. B1-66.

Berry Yoghurt $3

Fresh Mango with Ice-cream and Pomelo $3

Steamed Egg Pudding $2.20

I love these desserts!!! Steamed egg pudding is not too liquid and has a light ginger taste, suitable for people like me who don’t like to eat ginger. Mango with ice-cream is not too sweet, right to the taste. Berry yoghurt is yummy!!! Hahaha. Don’t know how to describe. Try it!

Waraku Soup Pasta

8 06 2008

Sorry for the delay… I forgot about this soup pasta that I tried last month with pH3. Let me recommend the pasta set meal which includes

a small pizza (based on my rough gauge, the diameter is about 15cm),

a mini salad,

a bowl of corn soup (OMG! too thick taste, I don’t really like) so no picture..

and the pasta of my choice….

The gallery of photos published are not in order, I’m sorry for any confusion, but the first picture is about the desserts, oh man they looks mouth-watering but I’m too full to try it.

4 items at $16.80….. add service charge and gst… that’s about $20+

This is the grand menu that we used:

In fact there’s many menus sia, I suggest you can explore around.

Haha forgot to comment… that’s the first time I tried soup pasta and I really love it, soup as in more gravy I suppose. Imagine pasta noodles dipped into potato soup. Creamy~ The pizza sliced into 4 pieces, crispy like biscuits, similar to dosai?? Haha looks like crepe.. then the salad I think too mini size to mention… wahaha but overall I’m just so attracted to the soup pasta and I would like to visit the branch again. Check out the website for details. So far I only went to Marina Square branch, it’s located next to the hair salon, quite crowded in the evening, so need to get a number ticket and wait outside. Try soup pasta! Haha

Azabu Sabo ice cream

26 01 2008

Their highlighted flavor is… Green Tea. However, I picked Rums & Raisin, very thick rum (wine)…


My sis bought cookies N cream which is not too heavy in terms of taste. Yummy!

Sorry, I forgot the price, I think it’s $4.50 for one big scoop.

Azabu Sabo Singapore website

Azabu Sabo
Marina Square Outlet
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-170 / 171 Marina Square Singapore 039594
T: +65 6338 1244
F: +65 6338 4080

Hokkaido Ice Cream
Marina Square Outlet
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-170 / 171 Marina Square Singapore 039594
T: +65 6338 1244

Takashimaya Outlet
Food Court @ Takashimaya Department Store, Orchard Road
T: +65 6333 8509

The Central Outlet
The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street # 01-56 Singapore 059817
T: +65 6534 7178