About Author

A Singaporean.
Who LOVE to EAT!!

Photographs of food may be blur because most of them are taken with handphone camera. To each own’s preference. Comments are based on me and my friends. For example, I like bittergourd but many others may not like the bitterness. Sometimes, the chef changed, so it also depends on what time I visit, hehe.

PS: Try at your own risk!

Note: All prices are accurate as on the date written. Prices of food may change without prior notices. Likewise, restaurants or eatery may have moved or closed down. Please update me (leave me a comment in this food blog if you don’t have my contact) if it has moved or closed down, thank you!


2 responses

5 04 2008

Hello! Just came across your blog while searching for my own website, which is similarly named. Really enjoying your photos and descriptions. I’d love to visit Singapore sometime in the next few years.

My site is called FoodProof.com, and I won’t create a link to it in this comment, as I don’t mean to use this form to advertise. I just thought it was a funny name-coincidence. Stop by if you are interested, but I’ll keep reading your blog just the same.


11 04 2008

you are always welcome to visit my food blog! 🙂

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