Azabu Sabo Restaurant @ Marina Square

19 06 2009

6 Raffles Boulevard
#02-170 Marina Square
Tel: 6338 1244

(next to Billy Bombers as of date 10 April, 2009)
Paiseh I thought I had posted this on food blog, I realized until today :p

1. Scallop Ramen
Nice!! Yummy scallop~

2. Vegetarian “Kway Chap”
It tastes like kway chap… haha

3. Cold Ramen
I ordered because there’s crab meat, haha. The taste is rather special… imagine sweet & sour wine + soy sauce. And yes, the noodle is cold.

DESSERTS!!!! Azabu Rocks~

4. Mocha Ice Cream
I love this mocha! For green tea lovers…

5. Strawberry Sundae
For strawberry lovers…

6. Chestnut Ice Cream
A light chestnut taste… I like it too!

We enjoyed the great food!! Yum yum yum!




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