Manhanttan Fish Market at Iluma

17 05 2009

Location: Iluma (opposite Bugis Junction, next to Bugis Village)
The level below cinema theatre… haha don’t know the floor.

Yesterday first time try Manhanttan Fish Market (MFM) food at Iluma. The experience is quite bad. The fish is quite oily, the calamari is salty and the lemon tea is too sweet… only the soup of the day cream of mushroom tastes not bad. I don’t feel like going back to eat. Look at the leftover… a waste of food.. but it’s quite filling.. don’t know is it the combination of the oily fish, salty calamari and sweet lemon tea.



Uncle’s Kitchen (not my uncle :P)

3 05 2009

Bugis Junction basement (next to bubble tea shop, Four Leaves, near Cold Storage)


May be you might have seen this logo before


Fried Kway Teow not bad

chickenwingfriedriceFried Rice with BBQ Chicken Wing

If you are shopping in Bugis Junction (BJ), crowded with people, and you are tired of eating fast food for lunch… we found this place that serves “food-court style” food and comparable price to food court. There is no service charge unlike eating in restaurants. In my opinion, the price is cheaper than the food court in BJ. Hahaha. Anyway talk about the food, the kway teow not bad. The chicken wing is nice but common. Haha. Fried rice is not fantastic. But overall still ok.