Full House Cafe 满家乐

25 03 2009

Website: Full House (Man Jia Le)
Location: Central @ Clarke Quay Basement B1-30

Central @ Clarke Quay (Location: B1-30)

Another branch location found on website…
14 Scotts Road,
#01 – 16A/B Far East Plaza
Singapore 228213

Tel: (+65) 6665 0180
Fax: (+65) 6261 9939

I saw the advertisement on tv programme, 肥超人 recommendation. My first visit last week. Read from some websites, it’s better to patronize the main shop at Far East Plaza. Not sure about it because I never went there. Anyway I went there at 3.30pm and they really cook on the spot. I wonder how they are going to handle if there are more customers.

I ordered…
– Egg wrapped carrot cake (photos to be posted when I collect my new laptop), $3.50
– Superwings, $4.50
– Super Kung-fu iced milk tea, $1.90

There is another carrot cake called pan fried carrot cake… which sounds common to me, so I ordered egg wrapped carrot cake. My personal opinion is… it looks rather easy to “copy” and the taste is not special enough to melt me. The carrot cake contains lap cheong 腊肠 and together wrapped with pan fried egg and sprinkled with chicken floss, served on a (recyclable) paper plate. Oh yes, quite a small serving, it’s indeed a snack!

Superwings consist of 3 chicken wings roasted with honey and margarine (my taste bud tells me so, might be wrong)… tasty! hot (hold it with care)! need to wait for them to roast on the spot. I wish they provide lemon or lime to enhance the taste. Consider $1.50 for each chicken wing, it’s not cheap but a standard price I see nowadays.

The iced milk tea has a funny name 功夫奶茶 with cartoony Bruce Lee featured on the menu poster. It’s their most popular drink when I went there. Almost every customers ordered this. Hahaha. It’s different from sweetened ceylon tea with milk. Not sure how they balance the quantity of milk and sugar. I personally love it! Reminds me of bubble milk tea at Taiwan.

The decor of the shop is rather different from cafes in Hong Kong. This shop is towards modern and retro themed with orange and white colours, quite relaxing to the eyes. Anyway it’s better to patronize the shop not too early as they might not be ready with the food preparation.


Yong Tau Foo @ AMK Hawker

6 03 2009

Blk 724 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 #01-23

Sorry for not providing any photo, I’ll try to take photo next time and take note of the stall name.

Snaking queues at this food stall would be a very prominent sight when you look around the entire hawker. What’s nice with this yong tau foo despite the at-least-10-minutes-wait?? Good food, of course! Considerably cheap could be the reason too. I bought mine, selected 8 items with my bee hoon soup (not laksa) at $4… (second visit during noon time price change a lot -__-) Who knows they might change their price. Anyway, something to compliment the yong tau foo is the soup base with lots of soybeans or soya beans and IKAN BILIS. Cool! And the best thing is other than common items we normally see, they have fried tempura and fried money bag (just in case you don’t know what I mean, I attached the photo to this post). The thoughtful stall owners specifically separate fried items on another bowl if you order any, afraid that they would not taste good in soupy noodles. Nice right? 😛

Money Bag