Thai dishes

30 01 2009

Location: Golden Mile Complex
Sin Lai Lai 01-29
Tel: 62923192
Call and ask if it’s opened 🙂

Price ranged from $8 onwards. I believe it’s better to look at the menu yourself and state the size or price you are ordering.

What we ordered were sweet and sour chicken, small plate from $8. Tender and easy to bite, highly recommended by my mum. We also had a HongKong style steamed sea bass which is higher in price, $20. And a side dish, sambal kang kong which is $8 too, overpriced in my opinion.

Though I didn’t get to try the pineapple rice, it seemed to me that it’s nice because the people around us ordered pineapple rice and finished it all. Oh yes, waiting time is around 10 minutes, just nice for my “window shopping tour”.

Our total cost: $42 after adding 3 drinks ($1.50 each), 3 rice (50cents each), no service charge.

Just an advice: Avoid going to the toilets at the basement, it’s very abandoned and badly maintained. Perhaps you can go to the other buildings.

Before I end this post, this complex has mainly Thai tenants selling supermart raw food, beer, handphones and etc… it’s rather different from Suntec, Vivocity… shopping centres. Experience it once in a while, feel different, haha..