Turtle House Seafood Restaurant

4 12 2008

Address: 403 Guillemard Rd, S(399795)
Tel: 6745 1248
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Price : $25/$30 (Half turtle)
Used this photo (their tissue) instead because my photo of the turtle soup might throw away your appetite. My dad ordered 2 bowls of rice (80 cents each), 1 sambal kangkong ($8), 1 iced chrysanthemum luohan drink ($1.20), 1 iced barley drink ($1.50) and each towel napkins on the table add on 30 cents. Totaled $42.90, no service charge.

Because turtle is rare as compared to the common types of fishes, my advice is not to waste the food if you have already ordered. Drink every drop of soup like I do. Besides that, this herbal soup restaurant also has crocodile soup. I haven’t tried the crocodile soup in this restaurant but I tried before somewhere else. Somehow the meat texture tastes like black chicken but the skin tastes different. It’s hard to distinguish actually especially when the soup base all contained the same kind of herbs and spices.