Marvelous Cream (Ice Cream)

20 11 2008

@ City Link (near the exit to Suntec City)

winterextraberry winterextraberry

Check out the Japanese website and drool~~ Haha 😛

What’s nice? For ladies, I suggest, try the mixed berries known as Mix Berry Marriage… Feel pampered with the name already. How’s the taste? It’s a little sour, a little sweet, really taste like yoghurt!! Yum yum!! Price from $4.90 onwards. Add toppings more $. Their waffles is ex$ but looks tasty… ~.~


NUS Si Chuan Steamboat

20 11 2008

@Arts canteen (The Deck) Si Chuan 四川

artssichuan-steamboat1 artssichuan-steamboat2

Opens Mondays to Sundays. From 4pm till finished. Probably ends at 7pm. Depends.

Choice of soup: chicken or spicy hot soup
The plate consists of 2-3 prawns, lots of vegetables, bee hoon/vermicelli, meat, sausage, tofu, seaweed, crabstick…

Can you guess the price of this steamboat?

$5 for a plate of food, a bowl of rice and a personal steamboat pot. It’s the cheapest ever I’ve seen in Sg. Note: it’s not buffet. And it’s a bit inconvenient to go back to the stall and ask the person to re-light the flame when it goes off after 20 mins or so. But the price is considered affordable for students during an occasion or celebration.

Koi Cafe Bubble Tea

20 11 2008
koicafe1 koicafe2

50岚 is a bubble tea shop from Taiwan, which has globalized and now opens in Singapore… The first branch I know of is at Marine Parade. There’s one at People’s Park Complex. I heard there’s another in Toa Payoh. There may be more branches but I’m not sure.

  • Marine Parade: Blk 83 Marine Parade Central #01-562 S44083
  • Toa Payoh: Blk 190 Toa Payoh Central #01-562 S319196
  • Chinatown: People’s Park Complex #01-16 S059108

It’s definitely better than the super sweet bubble tea I tried in Singapore. You know which bubble tea shop has the name containing “Sweet”. But the price is steep. $1.90 for a small/regular cup.

What’s special with Taiwan bubble tea? When I visited Taiwan last summer, I was quite surprised that they don’t have many flavours that we have invented in Sg. Examples of our invention: “Green Apple Green”, “Blue Coral”, “Honeydew”, “Chocolate”, “Coffee”…etc. Taiwan targets on their famous Milk Tea 奶茶 and Oolong (Wu Long tea 乌龙茶). And the main thing is you can ask for… Less/without sugar, Size (big & small) of pearls and even grass jelly (this would cost slightly higher).

Frankly speaking, I prefer buying in Taiwan because the price is way cheaper and somemore in a mega large cup at SGD$1.40 only. I miss feng jia night market, especially that particular bubble tea shop called Legend Tea Bar!! Well, a lame name. Hehe.

NUS Middle Eastern

20 11 2008

@ Business Canteen (Terrace)
National University of Singapore


$3 Kebab with normal rice


$2.50 Kebab Sandwich with Fries


$3 Kebab with Fragrant Rice

This is the cheapest kebab rice I ever tried in my entire life, LOL! It wins my thumbs up because of the tastiness of the food and the price though 3 bucks is considered more expensive than other food in the canteen.

First, intro the fragrant rice. Added with star anise (a type of spice), compliment with shredded purple cabbage, lettuce, tomato and salad dressing, this rice makes the dish a must-have. And the main highlight is the chicken kebab. Juicy and tender meat. Drool~ Besides the rice, you can try their sandwich. The bread known as pita is like a two layered dough, special!! There is another type of meat besides kebab which is grilled chicken, it tastes similar to the satay meat. Wow! Amazing! And the best thing is it’s Halal~~ everyone can try!

Do note that the queue is slow. Sorry for the super late post!! I tried this several times this semester and the queue is getting longer than I first tried. It is opened on Saturdays but they only prepare more food for weekdays. But even so, the food is selling fast. Sometimes at 1.30pm, all the kebab would be finished or kept away (remember to ask and check!).

Updated on 30 Jan 2009.. I finally tried the kebab rice at Jurong Point Banquet stall and I’m very disappointed. It’s not just the high price (about $7) but the food really cannot make it – meat is not tender, salad is too sour.. I miss the food at NUS!