Crystal Jade @ Vivo City

30 10 2008

Fish Dipped in Mango Sauce with Jie Lan vegetables


Lotus Leaves Glutinous Rice


BBQ Pork Ribs with Honey Sauce

Yummy!! The rice is so carefully wrapped that we didn’t realize there’s more rice hidden than seen. The fish with the mango sauce though we couldn’t really distinguish that there’s mango in it, we were quite satisfied by the overall taste. The BBQ pork ribs are quite tough for me to bite, I took a long time just to bite one piece while at the same time enjoying sucking the gravy. Drool~ I can’t remember what else we ordered. I only have 3 photos taken. Not very sure of the prices but they range from $8 to $16 for small size. Enough for the 3 of us or I should say we were not 100% full. Total is about $75 after gst and service charge. Thank you pH3 for celebrating my birthday on the actual day and bringing me to eat nice and yummy food. Note: this branch is super cold. Brrr~ snurled in my jacket throughout.