Venezia Ice-cream

6 08 2008

My first try at Bugis Junction Level 1… the building where the arcade is… near Mos Burger and Swensens… facing some push cart stalls… Paiseh I don’t know the exact unit number… Anyway I tried 2 flavours (Italian Coffee and Crunchy Nut). Crunchy Nut is not bad but still I fall in love with Italian Coffee ice-cream flavor because it’s fragrant and not too thick, it’s right to the taste… nice! Price from $3.30 for 1 flavor, $4.50 for 2 flavors, $5.70 for 3 flavors… In my opinion, it’s not as small as it seems. The staff is quite nice, she let me sample (self-request, hehe) a few flavors before I decide to make my purchase. I tried green tea but personally not used to the taste. Durian is not bad. Cookies n cream looks good but I didn’t try… a pity right, never mind I’ll try it some time later.. haha