Waraku Soup Pasta

8 06 2008

Sorry for the delay… I forgot about this soup pasta that I tried last month with pH3. Let me recommend the pasta set meal which includes

a small pizza (based on my rough gauge, the diameter is about 15cm),

a mini salad,

a bowl of corn soup (OMG! too thick taste, I don’t really like) so no picture..

and the pasta of my choice….

The gallery of photos published are not in order, I’m sorry for any confusion, but the first picture is about the desserts, oh man they looks mouth-watering but I’m too full to try it.

4 items at $16.80….. add service charge and gst… that’s about $20+

This is the grand menu that we used: http://www.waraku.com.sg/pastamenu-grandmenu.html

In fact there’s many menus sia, I suggest you can explore around. http://www.waraku.com.sg

Haha forgot to comment… that’s the first time I tried soup pasta and I really love it, soup as in more gravy I suppose. Imagine pasta noodles dipped into potato soup. Creamy~ The pizza sliced into 4 pieces, crispy like biscuits, similar to dosai?? Haha looks like crepe.. then the salad I think too mini size to mention… wahaha but overall I’m just so attracted to the soup pasta and I would like to visit the branch again. Check out the website for details. So far I only went to Marina Square branch, it’s located next to the hair salon, quite crowded in the evening, so need to get a number ticket and wait outside. Try soup pasta! Haha