Chocolate Mousse

30 04 2007

from Beaufort hotel (

Chocolatey YEAH!

Advice: Keep it cool…


Patricia Mok blog on food too!

24 04 2007

don’t forget to visit her blog… some fine dining places… oh and also shopping queen..

Pasta Express

24 04 2007

Location : Blk 531A Upper Cross Street #02-42 (Hong Lim Market)

Opening Hours :

Monday (11am to 4pm) and

Tuesday to Sunday (11am to 8pm)

Pricing : Pasta 意大利面 ($3 – $6)

Owners: Chef Weldon Sim and Sean Sim (brothers)
Chef Weldon Sim’s working experience – 6 years with Hotel Boulevard, 5 years with Cafe Expresso (Marina Square) and 4 years with Philly’s Flavor (Millenia Walk).

they even provide delivery for $100 purchase or $150 catering service.. cool right? hehe

A new link added, do support..

24 04 2007

Food, Herbs and Spices @

Shifted my food blog here… because wordpress provides the features of better organisation, search the entire site, show the recent comments on the side, calendar that indicates a post written… and I understand you all are having problems having the food because it’s so messy.
foodclub109 too long name so I thought of having a new name..

Look at the comments to know why it’s named foodpoof…

Students’ choice ~My choice~

1 04 2007

In school, when I realise it’s boring sitting alone in the canteen, I have my lunch in a box. Indian food in Science canteen is quite nice especially with the satay-alike sauce and its very popular red-coloured fried fish fillet. I think after moving our faculty to Law, I’m gonna miss the food here.

Science canteen (Frontier) Indian food (price around $2, depends on what you select, mutton tends to be more ex$)
Drink to quench thirst – a packet of fruit juice. Lazy to queue up for real fresh fruit juice.

Then when it’s around 8pm, most stalls in the school canteen are already closed, we would walk over to…

Blk 33 Dover Road (S)130033

Instead of eating at the hawker centre where again most stalls are closed, we ate at the coffee shop that’s at Blk 32. Haha forgot the name of the stall. The zi-char (煮炒) stall and the western stall can be recommended. Forgot to take photo of the western food, the chicken cutlet looks tempting! For starving people like me, I managed to finish the hor fun, not sure if the quantity is too much for you. What’s more? There’s TV with CableTV channels to watch while eating.. haha I’ll go there again.

Hor fun and Sambal fried rice
($3 each)

Sweet and Sour fish ($4).. too bad the quantity is not big enough.. it’s nice