Settler’s Set Meal @ $13.90 each

24 02 2007

Lao da and Victor chose Cajun Chicken (above)

老二 chose Vegetarian Spaghetti, sauce selected: Mushroom (below)
while I got myself Fish & Chips (introduced earlier in other posts)

Each set meal with a Soup of the Day (Today’s Menu: Mushroom soup)
a drink (Peach Tea/Lemon Tea/Coffee….) and
garlic bread and last but not least

Dessert = Ice Cream (only Chocolate or Vanilla)

Yum~~ Yum~~

+ 2 hours of games
+ 1 hour time extension ($12)

today Saturday from 2pm to 5pm and without membership, quite expensive,
very great thank you for the treat!!


besides a food court…

11 02 2007

Location: My Dining Room (Kopitiam) @ Central shopping mall
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay NEL

The shopping mall is newly built, there are only a few shops opened so there’s very few people but the food court and most of the restaurants are facing the Singapore River. What a beautiful sight! What a fine weather~

To my schoolmates…

10 02 2007

NUS Science Canteen (Frontier) Western food
Location: next to the drink stall

Crispy fish dory
The dory is so crispy that we can effortlessly cut the piece into slices.. However the fries are too salty.. Advised not to eat too much as an excessive intake of salt may cause kidney failure. Oh yah, the waiting time is quite long, it’s wiser to follow and order the same dish as the group of people in front of you.. Haha~