Chew Kee Sesame Chicken Rice/Noodles

30 01 2007

Location: Cross Street
lat 1.282611 long 103.847818 (from street directory measurements)
Operating hours: 7.30am to 6pm (Note: may change without prior notice)

$3 dine in with specially made soup
there’s 2 stalls on the same street. I personally prefer the sister’s than the brother’s cause it’s thicker, the sauce and the soup enhancements. I search online and found this blog ieatishootipost. Haha cool~ it’s so much better than my food blog. Take a look at it!


Malay Snacks

28 01 2007

a temporary stall outside Lucky Chinatown (Chinatown, New Bridge Road, near Temple Street) for this Chinese New Year season. It’s located nearest to the Lucky Chinatown McDonald’s branch.

Besides fried prawn fritter 炸虾饼 and goreng pisang (fried banana)…I tried this… Chempedak, looks like a golden yellow round ball sized about 3.5cm, wrapping the sweet and fragrant flesh that covered a seed (my dad said it can be eaten but it’s hard). [Click for more info]

Due to the fact that they’re my dad’s treats, the price is based on my estimation.
4 Chempedak for $2
5 Goreng Pisang for $2
2 Prawn Fritters for $1

Advice: Eat a prawn fritter with a green chilli !
The auntie will provide one green chilli per prawn fritter. Eat together and it’s not at all spicy in my opinion.

Sorry photo quality is bad with my mobile phone cam and also not very presentable to bite off one mouthful to show what’s inside. =P

Song Kee pig intestines or turtle soup @ Bugis

19 01 2007

Haiz, sad news… 28 April… found out that the stall is no longer there..

Used to be in Bugis Hawker Centre (the one behind Bugis Village)
Soon Kee #01-98
Closed on public holiday

Click to enlarge, price is there.

Though the shop is selling pig’s intestines and turtle soup, I highly recommend the tau pok 豆肝 (not sure the spelling, hehe) cos it’s got that salty taste that will whet my appetite.

The auntie charge me two bowls of pigs’s stomach and tails 猪肚 & 猪尾, three bowls of rice, two plates of tau pok and one plate of pig’s intestines 猪肝 for $10, cheap right? The dessert stall (2 stalls away) quite long queue, you may check it out! Haha I was too full to try.

Me, Mum & Dad thumbs up on the great food and service!

KoKa Wanton Noodles 可口云吞面食

5 01 2007

(introduced by Jia Hui aka Lao er)

Location :
North Bride Road Market / Food Centre
(Near Lavander MRT / Immigration Checkpoint Authority )

Opening Hours :
From 7pm

Pricing :
Abit High. ($3,$4,$5)
Food – ****^
Popularity – ****^
Service – ***^
Who said nice :
Lao er, her mum, dad,
About food:
I believe everything is handmade, even noodles. The wanton soup is nice (not the wanton), the dumplings is nice.
Note :
Lao Er prefers to take wanton / dumpling noodles
without chili without ketchup.. The most traditional way or eating… and she recommends that.

Auntie has a not so good attitude.
She says that if you cant wait, just tell her to cancel the order. She says she is fine with it.
Preperation speed very slow.
Be prepared to wait for 30 mins and above. But i believe that it start to take orders before 7pm (alot ppl duno)