Changing Appetites

10 12 2006

Asiaone Review on CA

Our order:
(Lao da): Stingray $19.90
(Lao er): Pork ribs $13.90
(me): Cheese the Chicken $13.90

2THICK (deco on the wall)

Black Pepper Stingray is nice but really flat and photo taken is really BLACK (Haha), would hope that it’s more meaty. It’s for big eatter! $19.90 range

Pork ribs is nice but the mashed potato (choose either that or fries) is too filling.

Cheese the Chicken has a special taste. Combine nachos and mango and cheese and of course the main thing chicken. I like the combi of nachos and mango, the cheese is not so likeable cos it’s one standard piece of Kraft cheese instead of those cheesy pizza. Oh it’s for small eatter!