Chuen Chuen 津津茶餐厅

25 07 2006

Location :
371 Beach Road
#01-08 Keypoint
(Opposite Concourse Near Haja Faitimah Mosque or Army Market)
Singapore 199597
Tel : 98292267

Opening Hours :
7.30am – 9pm

Website : sbestfood review

Posted by Lao er
I know the main branch one still there. I doubt the Lavender food square one. As for the Lorong Sarina one, last time i gt go b4, maybe last yr, but not sure if its open or not.

Pricing :
$4.80 Set A > Chicken + Rice + Bean Sprouts,
$4.80 Set B > Chicken + Rice + Vegetables,
$3.50 Set C > Chicken + Rice or Porriage (Chicken rice no matter if is drumstick or not), others u can try to see the photo of the menu

Food – *****
Popularity – ****+
Service – ****

Star dishes :
Chicken rice, Yam cake 芋头糕, steamed egg 炖蛋, ba zhang 肉粽, BIG ba zhang 裹综?粽, and the new dishes (link below), tea+coffee (yuan yang 鸳鸯), thai glass chicken feet 玻璃鸡脚
>The so called big ba chang is a square one, like ba zhang ingredients but nicer, and thats why more expensive $10! Maybe 2 or 3 people can eat 1 for a full meal. Sorry i cant rem the chinese name. Actually is the cantonese one. LOL
>Yam cake 芋头糕, steamed egg 炖蛋, ba zhang, BIG ba zhang

New Dishes ! :

Who said nice :
Lao er, her mum, dad, bro, sister in law, aunt, uncle, cousin, cousin wife, mummy friend X 10 and maybe 2 more Mr Lim etc. And many times for many dishes!

What is nice :
ALL mentioned above, including the new ones (mon to fri 5 dishes)!

Also the drinks – sour plum and also the duno what maybe mango with pormelo plups drink (u can identify it as the yellow drink that cost $3.50, but is filling.)

Note :
Chuen Chuen started with selling Chicken Rice and their Chicken to me, are nicer and cheaper then B**nT*ngKee chicken. Their star item was the thai glass chicken feet. Then so many years later they had this (another) outlet (Keypoint) whereby they now sell Hong Kong food. And all their attempts are great, cos they are nice. ^_^. The
set meals are definately worth the money $$$.
Please also note that their peak hour is during office lunch hour.
There are quite alot of offices there. So go there at a better timing. Oh ya, the semi air coned outlet has an area of about 50 seats only. Grab ur seat soon.
die die must Try~~~!!!

Chuen Chicken only (of 4 ppl set meal)

Chuen Mixed Chicken Intestines

Chuen I think is Portugese Pork without gravy (many portions)

Set A

Set B

Set C


Chicago Nasi Lemak

24 07 2006

Location :
North Bridge Rd Market #01-92 (think so)

Pricing : $2.50 (or $2???),
for 4 items (meat/veg) and a choice of Nasi Lemak / white rice.

Rating :
Food – ****
Popularity – ****
Service – ****

Who said nice :
Me, Lao er, our Dad, our Mum, her Bro, SPSE ppl – last time Lao er take away (order) for the Freshmen Orientation camp.

Note :
Die die must try the wing! And also, normally Lao er ask for less rice. The Nasi Lemak rice is good! But Lao er find it abit oily, but is worth the money!

Pu Tien Restaurant

24 07 2006

Food Asia review
Food entertainment
Wine and Dine Asiaone
Websites are accessible on 24 July 2006

Location :
127-129 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208514
Tel : 62956358
Fax : 62956458

Opening Hours :
12-3pm, 6-11pm

Pricing : Varies for set meals. But for set meals that u eat till
quite full, one person about $12.

Rating :
Food – ****+ (4.5)
Popularity – *****
Service – ****

Star dishes :
Liang Ban Ku Gua (appetizer bitter gourd) is nice. Its thinly sliced with honey. Yummy and icy.

Who said nice (from Lao er):
Lao er, her Dad, her Mum, her Bro, her Sister in Law, her mum’s friend X 2.

Note from Lao er:
Pu Tien in Fu Jian. Xing Hua (Heng Hua) is also a Hokkien.
After the renovation, it is quite crowded there during weekends. Have to wait.

Kim’s Fried Hockien Mee

24 07 2006

Website : or sbestfood review

Location 1 :
Kim’s Wok Seafood
101 Beach Road (Opposite Shaw Tower)
#01-01 THE 101
Singapore 189703
Tel : 63361721
Fax : 63361723

Opening Hours: 11am – 1 am

Location 2 :
Kim’s Place Seafood
37 Joo Chiat Place (Junction of Tembeling Rd)
Singapore 427761
Tel : 67421119
Fax : 63489645

Opening Hours: 11am – 2 am

Catering Hotline : 81131330

Pricing : $4 (for Hockien Mee etc)

Rating :
Food – *****
Popularity – ****+
Service – ****

Star dishes :
Hockien Mee

Who said nice :
Lao er & her mum. (For the hockien mee and fried hor fun @ $4 each)

What is nice :
Hockien mee really alot and the ingredients too. Fried Hor Fun seemed less appetizing, but the fish slices that they threw in were great and fresh. Of course both dishes have one impt thingy – enuff “fire” 够火候

Notes from Lao er:
“We went to location 1. If u ever heard that ppl wear white shirt to cook hockien mee, this is the place. But I think that is when the boss cooking, which I think maybe once in a blue moon nia. Oh ya, the drinks sucks – Basically machine drinks. But NO SERVICE CHARGE!”

Breeks @ Ngee Ann City Level 5

22 07 2006

Din know I ‘take’ the menu right?

Maurice’s selection: chicken bibim bap $7

My selection: beef bibim bap $7.50

Nat’s selection: chicken cutlet bap $7.50

Our shared desserts: brownie $5.50 and some ice cream with milo and peanut butter which is rather strange mixture, oh and Nat’s hated whip cream. Haha

Total Bill: $38.??

Overall, the brownie is nice but I think cos of the ice cream, I ls. Oh no my sensitive stomach. Haha

Spagheddies @ Paragon

17 07 2006

My crayfish parmigiana~

Nat’s white wine clams vongole~

Lester’s award-winning chicken primavera??? (can’t remember)

Kuan Hong’s meatballs, haiz he changed his order in the last minute trying not to be the same.. hahahaha..

SQ’s carbonara

Take note the food is expensive, range from $13.50 to $26.50. To me, if it’s not a treat, I wouldn’t go. And I personally think the sauce isn’t special enough to remember the taste.


17 07 2006

6001, Beach Road #01-50/51
Business Hr: 11am – 10.30pm
Tel: 6396 8376

Our Bill
1 极品辣椒蟹
2 西式奶油干煎红鱼
3 鲍丝蟹肉盅仔翅
1 香酥麦片虾
1 红烧海参煲
1 姜葱鹿肉
1 香鲍片扒菠菜
7 白饭 $3.50
6 纸巾 $1.80
1 热菊茶 $5.60

10% service charge
$64.79 (6 adults and 1 child)
every dish is $4.80

Butter Red Fish 西式奶油干煎红鱼 (above) – nice!

Chilli crab 极品辣椒蟹 (below)

Sharks Fin 鲍丝蟹肉盅仔翅 (above) – family say nice!

Abalone Spinach 香鲍片扒菠菜 (below) – nice!

Sea Cucumber 红烧海参煲 (above) – nice!

Ginger Onion Deer Meat 姜葱鹿肉 (below) – nice!

Wheat Prawns 香酥麦片虾 (below)


The english names are not listed in the receipt, so I just ‘made’ the names myself. If I find it’s really nice, I’ll state next to the dish. We went there at around 8pm and were damn hungry, so the photos some of them are taken after they grabbed the portions so the photos turn out quite ugly, but have to say the gravy used for the fish is really special, it’s somewhat butter + wheat + spice + dunno what else they add, I just love the fish~~